Affirmations: The Opposite of Negative Thinking

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Many of us know the story of the little engine that used the phrase “I think I can” to help it power up a big hill. This is an example of an affirmation and it works in real life as well as children’s stories.

I just realized a few minutes ago that I was feeling guilty, like I had done something really wrong. Upon reflection, I saw that the feeling was not tied to any real life event. I have been a “good girl” and have no reason for guilt. “Ah Ha” I said. “This is time to search for what my negative thought was that got me feeling guilty.”…But I didn’t feel like thought searching at that moment. And I didn’t want to continue to feel bad.

So I thought, “why not skip to affirmations?”  Affirmations are a powerful way to change your mood and your behavior. It’s a mental version of “if you build it they will come.” So I repeated to myself, “I am doing everything right and I am a really good person.” Wow! I can actually feel my chest puff out a little bit.


Repetition is key to making affirmations work. We reprogram our brain to think positive instead of negative. And thinking positive leads to feeling positive. I’ve written some generic affirmations below. You can personalize them to better fit your needs.

  1. I forgive myself for not being perfect
  2. I choose to smile and enjoy life to the fullest
  3. I eat well, exercise, and get plenty of rest to help balance my life
  4. I am healthy, fit and attractive.
  5. I feel up beat and exuberant.

I could go on but so much has been written about affirmations. Let me refer you to a few good sites to start out with.

Here are a great list of affirmations.

Here is a great article that goes more in-depth about affirmations.

Here is a good article about how reading fiction can improve your mood.

Here is a link one of many books that Amazon has on affirmations.

And a great article about why affirmations don’t always work. I’ll talk more  about this next time.

It's All in How You Put the Pieces Together!
It’s All in How You Put the Pieces Together!

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