Dig Deeper: More Archaeology of Catching Negative Thoughts

2013-04-20 11.00.05

If you’ve been trying to catch your negative thoughts, you know it isn’t easy.Thinking about what you were thinking is difficult because we do not reflect on everything we think, and thoughts pile up and are quickly covered by new thoughts. You have to follow associations like a rat in a maze, turning up blind alleys, retracing your steps, and trying a new path.

2013-04-24 04.25.44

But, like so many other things, it gets better with persistence and practice. BUT…just when you think you have a good ability to trace your thoughts, you may discover that there is at least one other layer of thoughts beneath the ones you have been attending. These thoughts are more slippery, subtle, and sometimes supersonic. All you may initially be aware of is a vague change in your mood.

This is the clue you need to follow. When you notice a mood shift, stop and investigate. Get out your mental magnifying glass and be deliberate in your sleuthing.4405892-young-woman-holding-magnifying-glass-like-detective-investigation-concept-on-black

The automatic influence of thoughts on moods can keep you down even when you thinking you are in control. So keep digging. Use mood change as another cue that it is time to investigate. I’ll post more on thought catching and negative thoughts next time.

2013-08-25 14.34.05


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