Seeking Inner Peace When It Is Unpleasant Outside

2013-01-26 10.00.41  Looks dreary outside, eh?

Sometimes it is a grey day outside. After my last post, I wanted to write something for those whose situations are so bad that finding inner peace impossible. Sometimes it is hard to find inner peace if a commotion is going on around you. Sometimes you feel you are walking an emotional tightrope.

This makes things so much harder. Finding inner peace at a warm, supportive spa is much easier than in the midst of conflict, money troubles, and other problems.

Some days you need to redefine success as survival. Just getting by can be a huge accomplishment when you have lots of outside stressors. These are times to lower your standards of what you should be accomplishing. You can apply compassion and understanding to yourself when you are about to be blown away troubles inside and out.

This is also a time to evaluate your surroundings and the people you spend time with. A bad relationship, a bad job, living in a community that is not right for you are just some of the things that can cause you to be unhappy.

Start a list of toxic people in your life. You know, those people who make you feel bad about yourself or life in general. Get away from friends who complain about other people and situations. Look for people who are generally positive and into making things better. This may take time and delicate conversations as you drift away from negative and toward positive people. You may be comfortable being negative and will have to adjust slowly to being more positive. Change is not a short wind sprint, but a slow, long distance run.

If you are in a bad relationship, job, or community, it can take months of planning to get yourself safely into a better place. The sooner you start planning, the sooner a change for the better will happen. Be logical, orderly, and realistic about what you will need to do to make a change. But don’t wait for it to happen by itself!  Begin planning today!


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